About the Blog

About the Blog

Created by A. J. Edwin

Hello! Welcome to Own Your Power. Own Your Power is a blog that seeks to not only bring awareness to the struggles faced by BIPOC girls such as racial and cultural identity, low self-esteem, growing mental health issues, poor health care, and inequality in education and opportunities, but also, to empower these young girls. The ultimate goal of this space is to help BIPOC girls build their self-confidence through personal development and self-empowerment, become resilient, and learn to embrace their uniqueness and strength.

Parents and educators have the greatest influence on children. Provided with the support, tools and guidance, they can use their own sphere of influence to empower the girls within their circles. This blog and its resources are based on the belief that resilient girls become strong women.

Here you will find educational blog posts, motivational resources, inspirational video interviews, tools, and other educational resources that will help parents and educators build their own resilience to embrace the task of empowering young racialized girls to break through barriers to their personal growth and success.

I am Amanda Edwin, author and owner of Own Your Power. Some fun facts about me: I am an island girl, the beach is my happy place (of course), I love learning about the 18th century, and I recently got bitten by the travel bug.

On a more serious note, I grew up watching my mother advocate for marginalized women in our community and I valued this very much. Unsurprisingly, when I became a teacher, I also used my sphere of influence to empower the young girls who were under my care.

Through them, I learned about their struggles, I witnessed their growing belief in self, and the transformation in their lives through the use of daily affirmations. These girls blossomed into productive and successful young women.

In my own personal journey, being an immigrant and racialized woman, I know too well the trials of finding a job worthy of my professional experience and credentials, job loss, and the continuous struggle to break through barriers to my success. My self-worth and confidence plummeted but despite the struggles, I fought to remain resilient in my efforts; self-empowerment was the golden key.

My personal goal is to empower BIPOC girls and fortify them with the motivation and strength they need to push through the physical, emotional, and mental barriers that block their path.

I invite you to join me on this journey. Follow, connect and share with me through my social media links below. I look forward to connecting with you.

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