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17 November 2022

Be Your Own Kind of Happy

Profound thoughts come to mind in the weirdest of times, and many of you may agree. Well, this is one of those times. I am going to share my insight with you so bear with me, okay? Recently, I heard someone say that a lifetime is made up of moments. The phrase was in a movie I was looking at. These words truly hit me […]

9 September 2022

11 Quotes From The Loveable Mister Rogers To Improve Teacher Mindset Right Now

I never really paid a whole lot of attention to Mister Rogers until recently. When my circle of friends and colleagues talked about the show, they referred to it with such love and fond memories. Of course, I knew nothing about it and could not add any of my experiences. This was a North American show and, since Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood was not aired in […]

26 June 2021

Do You Feel Like a Failure? Do This to Experience Success

The word failure is often used to describe a situation in which your desired goals were not realized at a specific point in time. There are many reasons that could have played a part in your goal not being realized and absolutely none of them have to do with your value as a person. Let’s break down some of the ideas behind unhealthy views of […]