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love for teaching
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Amanda J Edwin, Educational Consultant

Teaching is my superpower
Amanda Edwin B. Ed (Hons); MSc
Educational Consultant

Hello! I am a Trinidadian – Canadian living in Kitchener, ON Canada. I share a home with my husband of 28 years, three adult children, and three fur-babies.

Education was my chosen career, and I have been an educator for over 30 years. Believe it or not, I still teach and I am loving every minute. About 10 years ago, I began another career journey into the legal world to become a licensed Paralegal, but that’s another story. Today, I manage both careers alongside each other.

My life as an educator

love for teaching
Teaching is my superpower – Photo credit: Photo by Allie on Unsplash

Education has been my life since I was seventeen years old. I grew to love the profession that quickly became my vocation. Until recently, I did not realize that my true motivation as a teacher was my students. They inspired me to be a better teacher, a better role model, more creative, more sensitive, and an advocate for them.

Over the years, I became very skilled at teaching all age levels from Kindergarten to adults. The private tutoring was an opportunity to keep myself immersed in education. I spent countless hours fostering positive home-school connections because I believed that this was important to my students’ success. When my students succeeded, I succeeded.

Facilitator for parent empowerment groups

A few years ago, I joined an NGO, Trinidad & Tobago Innovative Parenting Support (TTIPS), and became a trained Parent Empowerment Facilitator. Through their program, they gave me the opportunity to develop and facilitate workshops such as Disciplining the Young Child, Anger Management, Teen Self-Esteem, and teacher development workshops. My background as a teacher merged well into this added role and the experience was phenomenal. My passion to empower others has not dimmed.

The why behind my blog

After a bit of procrastination, my childhood friend of mine, H. Michelle Johnson prompted me to get moving. With the gentle push, I became motivated to write and share my reflections on parenting and education. As an educational consultant, I now focus more on the whole teacher, so this is where my blog posts, resources, and eventual courses are leading me.

I started with a Facebook Page which grew into this website and blog. As I develop, so does this website and the resources I offer. Some programs are in the pipeline and I will release them in due course. It took me three years to get here, but here I am. Through my writings and resources on this website, I hope to offer some guidance and inspiration to my fellow teachers.

I invite you to join my Facebook Group, The Teachers’ Lounge, space for teachers to be empowered through the support of their peers.

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